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Digital Switchover News and TV Re-Tune Service for Worcester and Worcestershire.

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The dates of the Digital Switchover have now been released:

Bromsgrove, Lark Stoke, Ridge Hill and The Wreckin - Starts on 6th

April 2011 completed by 20th April 2011

Sutton Coldfield and the relay Malvern transmitters
- Starts 7th

September 2011 completed by 21st September 2011.

*For more information about these dates go to Digital uk.

Frequent Questions about the Digital Switchover

What is the Digital Switchover?

Government policy is changing the way we view television through the aerial from an analog signal to a digital one (Freeview). This change will be happening at different times all over the country and has already come into effect in some areas.

Why are we changing to digital?

The digital signal takes up less broadcast space than analog, so once the Digital Switchover is complete the new space can be used on services such as local TV, wireless broadband, High Definition Television. You will also enjoy benefits such as extra TV channels, on screen listings and interactivity.

What do I need to do before the Digital Switchover?

Before the Digital Switchover you will need to make sure that you have a set top box or a Freeview compatible TV, and your aerial may need to be upgraded to receive the digital signals.

What do I need to do after the Digital Switchover?

When the Digital Switchover takes place you will need to re-tune your TV, this may occur a couple of times during the completion of the change in order for you to view all your channels properly.

One 4 Aerials now offer a Re-Tune Service which will help you through the switchover period, please call us for details.

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